What is a Tuf*Seat?

Because Tuf*Seats are injection molded plastic, they can be easily customized for use in other applications such as auditorium seating, theater seating, and more. Dimensions can be altered to accommodate bracketing and alternative attachment mechanisms. Surfaces can be textured to direct water flow or enhance the anti-slip features of the seat or seat back. As previously mentioned, Tuf*Seats can be customized to any color palette imaginable, fostering brand recognition, improving visibility, or igniting team spirit.

Made in the USA

ESTERLE Mold & Machining Co. has provided mold making, machining, engineering, forged tooling, and injection molded plastic products and parts since 1976. Our family-owned company prides itself in offering engineering expertise, production efficiency, and personal customer service. We’re passionate about our products and services. We thrive on challenge. But most of all, we’re proud to feature American-made Tuf*Seats. Contact us today to learn more.

Excellent Fundraising Opportunity

Our Tuf*Seat system has become so popular that many schools and organizations are making the sale of these items into a successful fundraising program. Esterle would be happy to discuss how our Tuf*Seat products can enhance your bleachers and raise money for your organization. Contact us today to learn more.
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Color Options

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Seating Options

Theater Seating

A comfortable seat really is a must in a theater venue. Esterle Mold & Machine Co. Inc. has the perfect solution for comfort and durability. Our Tuf*Seat is a unique and versatile seating product that can enhance any theater with their entirely customizable color and size options in a system that is durable enough to withstand even outdoor venues.

Indoor Arena Seating

Comfort, durability and economy. Just a few short words that are significant when it comes to your indoor arena seating. When comfort and durability matter, Esterle Mold & Machine Co. Inc. has the perfect solution for your indoor arena seating. Our Tuf*Seat is a unique and versatile seating product that provides durable, comfortable seating while meeting the unique needs of your indoor arena. Color? Style? Size? We can meet every one of your needs in an economical way.

Bleacher Seating

The Tuf*Seat is ideally suited to your bleacher seating, providing an added level of comfort and style, no matter your specifications. Each Tuf*Seat is designed with an anti-slip, contoured seat bottoms and high, contoured back, specifically engineered to provide patrons with maximum comfort and support. Our seats are designed to attach to standard bleacher seating, making them easy to install as well.

Stadium Seating

The Tuf*Seat is ideally suited to your bleacher seating, providing an added level of comfort and style, no matter your specifications. Tuf*Seats are equipped with high back contours and anti-slip contour seat bottoms to ensure your patrons feel maximum support. They withstand the weather without splintering or decomposing and they provide enough comfort that your patrons may forget they’re sitting in a stadium!

Retrofit Seating

Tuf*Seats are manufactured with anti-slip contour seat bottoms and high back contours for maximum support. They also withstand most weather beautifully and prove to be extremely resistant to splintering and decomposing. We’re so confident in their durability that each one comes with a 3 year warranty. What’s more, we have manufactured them to attach to standard stadium bleacher seating, making them the ideal system for your retrofitting needs; and they provide enough comfort that your patrons may forget they’re sitting in a stadium!

Aquatic Seating

ESTERLE Mold & Machine Co. Inc. has aquatic seating solutions for all of your needs. Because our durable seats are injection molded they can withstand the heavy water treatment chemicals that are necessary in pool applications. Tuf*Seats are completely customizable, meaning that no matter your pool’s color schemes, we have seats that will enhance your pool design scheme while ensuring that you remain completely compliant to all American’s with Disabilities Act standards.

Handicap Lift Seating

The Americans with Disabilities Act now requires that all swimming pools and water facilities have handicap lifts available to provide access for those with mobility handicaps. At ESTERLE Mold & Machine Co. Inc. we have you covered. Our handicap lift seating is specifically designed for your handicap lifts. Our seating provides a number of accessibility features and it’s heavy duty construction will ensure that it will withstand even the most rigorous use. ESTERLE’s handicap seating, like all of our Tuf*Seat seating is completely customizable, which means you can tailor the seat to your facilities’ design schemes while adding much needed accessibility.

Custom Seating

Our Tuf*Seat is an injection molded plastic product, making it easily customizable in any application. Our seats have been used in auditoriums, theaters, aquatics, stadiums, cafeterias, and more. Tuf*Seats can be customized to meet specific dimensions or altered to accommodate a variety of mounting hardware. The seat surface can be altered to enhance existing anti-slip features or to direct water flow. And Tuf*Seats can be entirely customized to any color scheme that you or your company may require.

Single Contour Chairs

Tuf*Seat began with a customer hoping to retrofit an aging stadium. Their idea, approach an established injection molding company. Our solution, a seamless, single contour chair that is versatile enough for use in stadiums, theaters, cafeterias, and swimming pools and is fully customizable. ESTERLE Mold & Machine Co. Inc. has a Tuf*Seat that will meet every need you may have and is fully customizable, from color to weight and arm rests, every part of the Tuf*Seat is designed so that it will fit seamlessly into your existing location or your new construction.

Cafeteria Seating

Tuf*Seat lasts through all kinds of environments. Even if someone spills a liquid on the seating, there is no need to worry. Tuf*Seat cafeteria seating will not splinter, decompose, or absorb moisture, maintaining its high quality for the long run. Tuf*Seat is easy to clean and looks as good as new for many years.

We guarantee that each of our products is top notch. We create them with quality that is required to withstand our difficult quality control program. Tuf*Seats are made to be sturdy and come with a 3 Year Limited Warranty.

Transportation Seating

Tuf*Seat can handle a variety of weather and conditions. Our transportation seating won’t decompose, splinter, or absorb harmful environmental elements, like moisture. We are so confident in our products that we give you a 3-year warranty for each of our Tuf*Seats.

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