At ESTERLE, we do not just produce plastic injection mold items. We are able to design and create molds for all types of plastic part applications, as well as create transfer and compression molds for fiberglass products. In addition, we offer mold try-out, qualification, and part production using our sixteen injection molding machines. For larger forged tooling and machining needs we also offer larger CNC and manual horizontal boring mills and vertical machining centers.
Available for licensing agreement and licensee arrangement
If you or your company are seeking a qualified company to manufacture and distribute your product under a licensing agreement, please contact ESTERLE.

Custom Injection Molds

Why Choose Us

Low prices on plastic mold and parts
Fast and dependable service
Trouble-free mold modifications
Low and high volume production mold and parts
The latest in forged tool and machining technology
Wide range of expertise in the design, engineering and building of all types of molds
Machine load capacity can be pushed upwards to 80.000 lbs.
Has built many plastic injection molds that will run in a 1500 ton machine and our capacity will exceed that.
Offers mold sampling and qualification using our own sixteen injection mold machines ranging from 90 ton to 2600 ton.
Features a 90 ton, 220 ton, 300 ton, 400 ton, (2) 500 ton, 610 ton, 720 ton, (2) 850 ton, 950 ton, 1000 ton, 1500 ton, 1760 ton, and 2600 ton injection mold machines.
Can accept most file formats, but prefers STEP, X_T, DWG, DXF, IGES, and PARASOLID.
Has a complete 3D CAD/CAM system online featuring Solidworks.

Pipe Fitting Mold Specialists

ESTERLE specializes in mold manufacturing, machining and forged tooling, including pipe fitting molds. Our top-of-the-line machines mean we are capable of efficiently producing pipe fitting molds of the highest quality. We specialize in making any type of pipe fitting mold you require.

Our Experts

Our team is proud of their skills in using advanced injection molding equipment which enables them to provide customers the economy of mass production regardless of the quantity supplied. Each day we meet the challenges of a demanding market in the rapidly changing thermoplastics industry.

While we specialize in injection molds for pipe fittings and PVC applications, we also offer a wide range of expertise in the design, engineering and building of all types of molds, using a variety of mold building steels. ESTERLE makes injection molds for all plastic part applications, including structural foam and compression molds for all products used in all industries. In addition, ESTERLE is able to qualify injection molds and offer short/long production runs at our location by using our own 7 injection molding machines ranging from 90 ton to 2600 ton.

PVC Molds

Designed To Work Harder

When we make our PVC molds, you can be assured that our work is timely and efficient. And we’re prepared for any business you have to offer, because with our sixteen injection molding machines and the latest in mold engineering technology, ESTERLE is capable of creating PVC molds in the most accurate, cost effective way— whether your order is large or small.

Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality

At ESTERLE, we understand that being one of the best in the industry isn’t always enough. We’ve also got to help you manage your production costs. By reducing cycle times and staying up-to-date on the latest processes for lean manufacturing, we’re able to stay competitive and keep you competitive too!

The production of PVC molds requires specialized steels to ensure longevity as well as requiring more tooling maintenance than those used in processing standard plastics. At ESTERLE, all of our PVC molding is created with the highest quality and attention to detail possible using methods we have perfected over the years.

PVC Molds

Collapsible Core Molds

Our collapsible core molds incorporate only three moving parts, which utilize more conventional mold movements. Because of this blending of technologies, collapsible core molds enable part designs that would have previously been considered impossible, now moldable.

Making Life Easier

When you choose our collapsible core molds, you can be assured that our work will be timely and efficient. And we’re prepared for any business you have to offer, because, with our sixteen injection molding machines and the latest in mold engineering technology, ESTERLE is capable of creating collapsible core molds in the most accurate, cost effective way no matter the size of your order.

Mold Sampling

ESTERLE is able to offer mold sampling and qualification using our own sixteen injection mold machines ranging from 90 ton to 2600 ton.

What Makes Us Leaders

Capacity of 90 ton up to 2600 ton-607 oz. injection molding machines
Quick turn-around
Cost effective 24 hour precision injection molding and sampling
State of the art equipment
Quality products that meet the specifications and requirements of your project
Hassel-free, on-time delivery
Knowledgeable and friendly staff to assist you
Comparative product pricing
Innovative design and superior engineering functions that assure your complete satisfaction
Accurate prototype and production tooling
Custom injection molding
Excuse-free customer service that is world class
Packaging, shipping, and inventory customized to fit your manufacturing needs


Streamlined Design Process

Our 3D CAD software utilizes direct 3D modeling to streamline the design process. When creating in CAD, our skilled engineers start with your ideas. We then create a 3D CAD design that you can review, ensuring the end product works as specified. After you proof the 3D drawings, our expert designers use CAM software to control computerized machines to then develop detailed molds that match the design specs.

Enhanced Productivity

The use of our CAD/CAM software allows our engineers to increase efficiency, making them skilled at finishing your project on time and within budget. That means that your productivity won’t suffer.

Our Software Allows For

Automated machining and job input specifics, making production streamlined
More complex task development; meaning you have more options in designing your custom molds
Streamlined manufacturing and planning through dynamic geometric molding, making the turnaround on your job faster—without sacrificing quality

Dynamic Molding

Dynamic geometric molding also allows our engineers to identify materials necessary for manufacturing – creating a materials list and ultimately generating the code required to machine the visualized tool. And even when working with multiple data sources and late-stage changes, our 3D CAD/CAM mold making allows our customers to move seamlessly from visualization to production—all while assuring our customers are compliant with industry standards.

Mold Qualification

ESTERLE offers exacting in-house mold qualification and process validation – so that our customers are assured of consistent product performance before the equipment is assembled on their production floor and integrated with existing manufacturing systems.

We offer mold try-out, qualification, and part production using our own sixteen state of the art injection molding machines ranging from 90 to 2600 ton. For larger forged tooling and machining needs, we offer both large modern CNC and manual horizontal boring mills, as well as vertical machining centers.

Mold Part Production

At ESTERLE, we offer complete mold part production and supply chain management for our customers – from raw materials to fully assembled components to manufacturing systems specially designed to integrate with your production line. And we deliver the flexibility to handle large or small volume – even on stringent deadlines. We make injection molds for all plastic parts applications, including compression and structural foam molds.

Injection Molding Sizes

90 ton
220 ton
300 ton
400 ton
(2) 500 ton
610 ton
720 ton
(2) 850 ton
950 ton
1000 ton
1500 ton
1760 ton
2600 ton
If you need something larger, we also offer larger CNC and manual horizontal boring mills and vertical machining centers for larger forged tooling and machining needs.

Mold Prototyping

At ESTERLE Mold and Machine Co., Inc., we can help you bring your ideas to life. In fact, our on-site design engineers are available to work with your team — from design ideas and development to material evaluation to testing for manufacturing feasibility and in-depth assessment for compliance of regulatory standards.

Save Money With a Prototype

Our team of experts is happy to help you develop a mold prototype, because we know that it can save you a lot of money in developing a new product. It offers a fast, low cost tooling solution for producing parts for fit and function testing. You can also test the molding process by using the production material. Finding any problems or design flaws or process flaws early in the process is critical to saving time and money during development.

Compression Molds

Dimensional Accuracy

With the advancements in mold construction and mold material technologies, ESTERLE has leveraged its experience to produce compression molds with unheard of dimensional accuracy. Our capability to create and put into production complex compression molds requires repeatable accuracy. We are so certain that our combination of detailed mold making and reproducible dimensional accuracy will meet even the most demanding part requirements that you can test the molds for production functionality before they ever ship from our facility. Repeatable accuracy translates into quality parts.

Minimal Material Waste

Speeding production time ensures an economical mold. Improving dimensional accuracy ensures a quality mold. But ESTERLE takes this efficiency one step further. Our engineers work with the most advanced 3D CAD CAM applications to develop molds that minimize material waste. Reducing scrap loss without sacrificing fast cycle times or repeatable dimensional accuracy sets ESTERLE’s compression molds well above its competition. Minimal waste translates into considerable cost savings.

Structural Foam Molds

Structural foam molds provide structurally sound parts with minimum warpage at an up to 20% lighter weight than conventionally molded parts. As such, structural foam molds save both time and money. When you need larger and sturdier custom-molded thermoplastics, ESTERLE Mold and Machine Company has the technology and the capacity to manufacture your structural foam molds.


ESTERLE has a complete 3D CAD/CAM online system featuring Solidworks. We can accept most file formats, including STEP, X_T, DWG, DXF, IGES, or PARASOLID. By using only the latest software technology, we ensure effortless changes and trouble-free mold modifications. We offer mold qualification services as well. Our advanced processes allow you the time to test molds before they are shipped to ensure no downtime when the parts reach production. We stay on top of the latest processes for lean manufacturing to allow you to manage your costs for parts production and reduce cycle times without sacrificing parts with structural integrity, warping, or reduced weight.


Our systems are flexible enough to accommodate both high volume and short runs. Our facility features 90, 220, 300, 400, (2) 500, 610, 720, (2) 850, 950, 1000, 1500, 1760, and 2600-ton injection mold machines. We have three, five, 10, 15, and 25-ton overhead cranes plus internal handling equipment. In addition, with outside lifting help, our machine load capacity can be pushed to 80,000 lbs. We have the capacity to produce extremely large structural foam molds to meet the requirements of nearly any project.

Secondary Services

Sonic welding
Silk screening
Pad printing
Spin welding
Heat staking

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